The Vipanan Sewa Project (VSP)

Total Project Cost :    INR 90,18,867
Supported By:   Ford Foundation, USA

The Vipanan Sewa Project, supported by the Ford Foundation was implemented from 2005 to 2009. In this project we provided technical support and services to the Federations and Self Reliant Cooperatives of Champawat and Pithoragarh districts to strengthening their management and marketing capabilities. The project's goal was "to create economic opportunities for low income farmers of Uttarakhand, by building strong, equitable and economically viable self-reliant cooperatives". The assignment's aim was to build the capacity of the self-help groups and their federations in marketing and value addition of farm produce. The project has focussed to benefit more than 20,000 small and marginal hill farm household through marketing of off-season vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants in an organised manner.

The Livelihood Enhancement through Agribusiness project

Total Project Cost :    INR 85,57,797
Supported By:   Government of Uttarakhand, a World Bank Funded Project

CBED has implemented 'livelihood enhancement through agribusiness' program of UDWDP in Augustmuni Division of the district of Rudraprayag from 2010 to 2014. The main objective of the project was to support the implementation of Agribusiness component of the Uttarakhand Decentralised Watershed Development Project. The main work was to organise the community in farmer groups and their federations, conduct farm demonstrations and build capacity of the farming community in adopting high value crops as well as assist the community in value addition and processing of farm produce and rural market development in the area of Rudraprayag District in Uttarakhand.

The Education and Literacy project (ELP)

Total Project Cost :    INR 1,37,08,240
Supported By:   Jules and Paul-Émile Léger Foundation, Canada

The Education and Literacy Project, supported by the Jules and Paul-Émile Léger Foundation, Canada was implemented from 2006 to 2011. The education and literacy project is an introduction to enhance knowledge and awareness on economic and the health issues especially of women and child in remote hill areas of Champawat and Pithoragarh districts. The objective of the project was to increase the overall awareness of targeted vulnerable groups and women of mountainous areas on life affecting issues of poverty and health. The project was promoted basic literacy skills of reading and writing, to help women develop confidence to participate in the developmental activities.

The Micro-integrated Village Development Planning

Total Project Cost :   INR 5,26,764
Supported By:   Agriculture Department, Government of Uttarakhand

CBED covered 50 revenue villages in Narendranagar block in Tehri Garhwal for Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation under Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) in 29 Gram Panchayats of the micro-watershed areas of Himgirigad and Maroragad, covering a total area of 6271 hectares, in collaboration with the Agriculture Department, Government of Uttarakhand. The project began in October 2013 and completed in August 2015. Under this project 29 Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPWDPs) were prepared through micro-integrated village development planning with participation of the villagers through PRA techniques.